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STELLA project

The final application demonstrators

A new technology platform for electronic circuit boards which are able to bend and stretch have been developed in the frame of the EC founded project STELLA.
Such stretchable electronic systems can be conformed to different shapes (e.g. the human body) and free designers from current constraints, enabling a broad range of innovative products spanning from functional clothes to healthcare, lifestyle and automotive applications.

In the STELLA project the focus has been on the product development for healthcare applications. Among the final application demonstrators are a band aid with integrated pressure and humidity sensor for compression therapy of chronic wounds, an infant respiratory monitor in order to monitor breathing rate and frequency, an activity monitor for wireless body sensor networks and a shoe insole monitor for the fitting of shoes that were realized with SCB technology.

For more details and further information about the demonstrators and other project results please read the STELLA newsletter available for download here or read online at: STELLA project website

As a follower to STELLA the European projects PLACE-it and PASTA have started in 2010 in order to continue the research about textile and stretchable electronic systems. The latest status about the technology development, demonstrators and events can be found on the project websites:


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