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An interactive respiration dress

During the 2008/09 academic year, the interdisciplinary project e-motion at the University of The Arts Berlin was exploring new interactions of emotion, motion and microelectronics using as a reference the human body. This project with the name Pneuma was created by interactive design student Synne Frydenberg and realized by members of stretchable circuits.

This project aims to encourage the user of the dress to control their respiration and to breath deeply. A respiration sensor is integrated into the dress to detect the breaths. The signals are detected by a microcontroller and used to transform the strenght of in- and exhaling into a corresponding light pattern.

The design of the dress was inspired by an illusion of air bubbles and ice crystals and are visualized by a pearl shimmering ornamental screen print and an amorphous embroidery on the white silk fabric. Textile-integrated Swarovski-crystals are reflecting the LEDs as soon when they light up from the inside of the dress.



Further information: UdK project website