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The Klight project

Award winning interactive dress

The interactive dress Klight was developed by fashion designer Mareike Michel and Fraunhofer IZM in 2008. The aim of the project was to apply the SCB technology to fashion design and to create an elegant and feminine looking dress with integrated electronic functions that are demonstrating the unique characteristics of a stretchable electronic system.

The concept of the interactive dress is to communicate with its environment by translating the body’s movement into a corresponding light pattern. Textile-integrated LEDs fade in and out according to the intensity of the movement. Hereby, the movement is detected by a tiny sensor and processed by a microcontroller. The miniaturized electronic modules and LEDs are placed under different layers of freely draped fabric in order to spread and diverse the light and so to create a sparkling diamond effect on top of the dress.

As a result of the unique symbiosis of fashion and technology the interactive dress Klight has been widely published, internationally exhibited and in 2009 awarded by the Avantex foundation with the Innovation Prize in the category New Fashion.


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