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Interactive Fashion

Dis.appear was created during the interdisciplinary project e-motion at the University of The Arts Berlin by the industrial design student Theresa Lusser and realized by members of stretchable circuits.

The concept of dis.appear is inspired by the urban streets at night where the artificial light of the buildings, lanterns and cars illuminates the city but people are “disappear” behind that. Dis.appear is designed as a coat which detects this atmosphere through integrated light and acceleration sensors.

A textile integrated stretchable LED matrix is used to reflect the city lights by creating diffused light circles on the surface. When the wearer is not walking the LEDs are giving light according to the intensity of the surrounding city lights but fading out when the wearer is walking.

By using SCB technology for the electronic system makes them also disappear in terms of visibility and wearability. Thus in daylight the coat looks and feels like everyday clothing and only at night its (electronic) function „appears“.


Further information: UdK Project website