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Anke Loh is a fashion designer and her work includes the integration of light in textiles. In a first round of collaboration between Anke Loh, Fraunhofer IZM and Stretchable Circuits a new kind of soft electronic accessories have been developed and realized.

This project uses functional materials and processes from the SCB fabrication and turns them into design elements: E.g. the solder resist area becomes a colorful accent to the basic color of the thermoplastic foil and the laser cut lines creates interesting shapes, from lace to 3D-shape elements.

The results of the project are 6 individual coin-cell powered LED jewelries which will be commercially available upon request.



Credits for all photos: Stretchable LED jewelry, Anke Loh in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IZM, © 2014 Anke Loh, Patent Pending, photo: James Prinz


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