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The Utope project

Intelligent clothes of the future

The Utope project is about the realization of a textile utopia: The outside of clothing becomes to a display.
This makes it possible to individually modify its surface like a chameleon or to use it as a computer screen.

The Austrian designer Wolfgang Langeder is working with stretchable circuits since January 2010 on the development of such an innovative display clothing.

The first result of their collaboration is "Cyber Nomade Suit", a smart business suit.
The integrated display responds to a mobile phone that you have inserted in the interior of the jacket and displays a call / an SMS to the surface.
The aim of further cooperation is a product line for men in smart urban wear.

The Utope project is a laboratory for fashion, which combines smart design and innovative technologies and turns them into something entirely new and forward-looking for clothes and fashion.



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