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06/2012 Award for Utope

Stretchable Circuits congratulates our partner Wolfgang Langeder to the Edison Award for the Utope project. We are looking forward to further help to develop the innovative collection.

03/2012 VF Futurewear Event

Stretchable Circuits will attend the VF Futurewear event and exhibition on March 21 in Winston-Salem where we will present our new electronic anti-theft pocket concept realized for a bagpack designed by Wolfgang Langeder.

01/2012 Webshop opens

Our partner MOON Berlin has opened a new online shop where you can buy or rent the sensational illuminated clothing or accessories with our technology integrated. Check it out!

11/2011 Flex and Stretch Workshop

Visit the 3rd International Flexible and Stretchable Electronics Workshop feat. presentations from international leaders in this very new and upcoming field of electronic systems and a one day hands-on tutorial on the technology we use. The Workshop will take place from 15th to 17th of November in Berlin.

09/2011 MOON Berlin Autumn Shows

Visit MOON Berlins shows around the world this autumn and see the new collection including a heavenly new dress with our interactive system. Shows will be at September 4th at IFA Berlin in cooperation with Grundig, Warsaw Fashion Week in October, and Vancouver Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week in November.

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