Stretchable circuits is a spin off from Fraunhofer IZM and TU Berlin resulting from the successful development of technologies for fabrication of products in the fields of textile and stretchable electronic systems.


Stretchable circuits provides engineering services and project management for flexible and stretchable electronic systems. The integration of electronic functions into textiles is one of our specialties. Due to the almost unlimited possible applications, these new systems also provide previously unknown solutions in the fields of lighting technology, design, and the automotive technology.

We guide you from the initial idea over prototyping to small volume production. Through our own expertise, network of specialists and our access to the latest production technologies and equipment, we offer a unique opportunity to implement your ideas into reality.

With stretchable circuits from the idea to your product!

The founders of Stretchable Circuits are now part of the new startup Skarabeos. At Skarabeos our mission is to improve people’s life with Wearable Technology. We are looking for investors to enter the market with a product which helps people to commute, travel or just feel safe when carrying their valuable belongings.